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Royalty Templates For CD and Vinyl $39.95

Description: The Royalty Templates For CD and Vinyl are setup to calculate net receipt (percentage of profit) royalties for both compact disc and vinyl releases. These types of royalties are the most common for independent record labels. This download contains separate CD and vinyl spreadsheets as follows: (1) royalty template in U.S. Dollars; (2) royalty template in British Pounds; and (3) a color-coded tutorial/example royalty template. You receive six total templates with this download.

Royalty templates arrive in both Microsoft Excel and HTML formats.
For easy editing, we recommend any version of Microsoft Excel 1997-2002, PC or Mac.

Royalty Templates For CD and Vinyl are also sold as a part of these contract packages:
Contract Package For Record Label PLUS

Sample Spreadsheet: Click here to view

Download Price: $39.95

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