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Contract Packages
We offer an entire line of contract packages,
covering critical areas of the music business.
Designed for the independent record label, the contracts and legal forms in this package will help you set up and run your business. The package contains 43 different forms, including artist contracts, producer contracts, film and compilation license agreements, and so much more.
All of the contracts in our Record Label package, plus Royalty Templates For CD and Vinyl.
Whether you're on the road or in the studio, working bands and musicians need to protect their rights. This collection includes 11 different legal forms and contracts, including performance agreements, musician work-for-hire agreements, artist recording contracts for singles, and more.
Catering to the needs of the professional DJ and remixer, this contract package will help you in a variety of situations. Our comprehensive package includes 16 different forms, including DJ performance contracts, remix recording contracts, 12-inch single producer contracts, and more.
We also offer contract packages for Booking Agencies, Production Companies,
Management Companies
and Publicity Companies. Click here to view our entire catalog.