• Music Stars Take Copyright Fight To U.S. As Revenue Tops $10 Billion

    While the total figure for songwriter and author royalties collected by authors’ societies around the world showed a modest 1% rise in overall incomes, the digital revenue surged 39%, according to the Cisac 2019 Global Collections Report.
  • Music Publishers Demand Investigation of Tiktok for Copyright Theft

    The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) has called for “scrutiny” of TikTok, asserting they have "consistently violated US copyright law and the rights of songwriters and music publishers."

  • Copyright Office Seeks Comments on Music Modernization Rules

    The U.S. Copyright Office is inviting musicians, producers, and others to help it develop regulations guiding the implementation of new digital music law.
  • Record labels have a new target: streamers and gamers

    Since 2007, YouTube has relied on an algorithmic system known as Content ID to police copyright on the platform, a system that works by comparing ...
  • Katy Perry and Others Must Pay $2.8 Million in Dispute Over 'Dark Horse'

    A federal jury in Los Angeles on Thursday decided that Katy Perry and others must pay $2.8 million in damages in a copyright dispute over her 2013 ...
  • Music copyright lawsuit hits sour note for Manchester bar

    A New Hampshire country music restaurant and bar is singing the “Working Man Blues” after paying thousands of dollars to settle a music copyright infringement lawsuit.
  • What every songwriter and publisher needs to know about the Music Modernization Act

    The Music Modernization Act, or MMA, has already changed a lot for songwriters and producers, but there’s a lot more on the way. And yes, it could...
  • Copyright Office Confirms NMPA-Endorsed Mechanical Licensing Collective

    The U.S. Copyright Office today announced that it has designated the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) as the new entity tasked with licensing and administering rights under the Music Modernization Act.

  • YouTube Updates Copyright-Reporting System to Make It Easier for Creators to Manage Claims

    Effective as of July 9, YouTube requires copyright owners to provide timestamps for all new manual Content ID claims. That’s designed to let creators know exactly which part of their video is being claimed.
  • Should Copyright Protect Music Created By Artificial Intelligence?

    As technology develops to the point where AI is capable of creating original music, questions are being raised as to whether this computer-generated music and the people behind the code that make it possible, should be granted the same legal protections as more traditionally created music.

  • DSPs Spotify, Google, Pandora & Amazon appeal Copyright Royalty Board rates

    This marks the first time that the section 115 rate determinations for music publishing rates has been appealed.
  • A long and winding road to new copyright legislation

    Spotify agreed to pay more than $112 million to clean up some copyright problems. Even for a service with millions of users, that had to leave a mark. No one wants to be dragged into court all the time, not even bold, disruptive technology start-ups.